The Pedometrics Conference in Wageningen, Netherlands was special (June 26 – July 1, 2017) (PM2017 pdf). We celebrated 25 years of pedometrics. Pedometrics became a Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) in 2004 and has been growing exponentially over the past decades with focal areas in Digital Soil Mapping (DSM), Digital Soil Morphometrics, Modeling of Soil and Landscape Evolution, Proximal Soil Sensing, and Soil Monitoring. Information about the conference, including abstracts and detailed program, are available at:

Dr. Grunwald gave an invited special long talk at the Pedometrics Conference:

“Past, Present and Future of Soil Physical, Chemical and Biological Process Knowledge in Pedometrics”


Pdf: Pedometrics (2017) – slides


Our lab group had several presentations at the Pedometrics Conference:

Christopher M. Clingensmith, Sabine Grunwald and Suhas
Wani. “Using new sparsity genomic methods to improve soil chemometric models”.

Christopher M. Clingensmith, Sabine Grunwald and Suhas
Wani. “Transferring and spiking of soil spectral models between two south Indian villages”.

Katsutoshi Mizuta, Sabine Grunwald, Wendell P. Cropper,
Wonsuk Lee, Gustavo M. Vasques, Michelle A Phillips,
Brenton D. Myers, Xiong Xiong and Willie G. Harris. “A novel pedometrics-econometrics approach to assess soil carbon capability”.

Katsutoshi Mizuta, Sabine Grunwald, Christopher M. Clingensmith, Gustavo M Vasques, Wonsuk Lee, Michelle A. Phillips, Wendell P. Cropper, Xiong Xiong and Brenton D. Myers. “Modelling pedo-econometric carbon scores with VNIR spectroscopy.”