Lab Raclette Grill Holiday Party (Dec. 2017)


Chris, Kay, Sabine, Toshi, Jiahua, Risa, Hari and Carla.


2017 Graduate Student Awards

So many awards for members of our lab group – Cooooooongratulations !!!

  • Carla Gavilan received the UF Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation award (2018)
  • Carla Gavilan won the best oral presentation award at the Soil and Water Science Department Research Forum, Gainesville, FL (2017)
  • Carla Gavilan received the second place in the Student Oral Competition, ASA Community “Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, Int. ASA-CSSA-SSSA Meeting, Tampa, FL (2017)
  • Katsutoshi Mizuta received the Quantitative Environmental Soil Science / Pedometrics Award, Soil and Water Science Department, UF (2017)
  • Carla Gavilan was awarded the Doris Earl and Verna Lowe Scholarship (2017)
  • Wade Ross received the UF Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation award (2017)

Wade’s graduation potluck party

Congratulations Dr. Wade Ross! It’s celebration time after years of hard work of research on DayCent climate change modeling and Random Forest modeling of soil carbon and net primary productivity. Some photos from our potluck party with the lab team. Wade graduated with the Ph.D. dissertation “A region-wide analysis of terrestrial carbon cycling across the Land of the Pines” (2017).

Ploy’s visit to Gainesville and lab group

Ploy (Pasicha Chaikaew), who graduated with a Ph.D. from UF in 2014, was visiting our lab team in Gainesville (May 8, 2017). She came a long way from Bangkok, Thailand where she works as faculty member in the Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University.


Terrestrial Carbon (TerraC) Information System

TerraC is dedicated to: (i) advance terrestrial carbon science through sharing of carbon and environmental data; (ii) facilitate environmental synthesis; and (iii) enhance collaboration among researchers, scientists, and extension specialists through shared resources. TerraC offers tools to upload, store, manage, query, analyze, and download data characterizing terrestrial carbon dynamics from various sources, including soils, plants/biomass, atmosphere, water, and whole ecosystems. It was developed by Dr. Grunwald’s research team.

Access TerraC: