Locally Relevant Graduate Degrees Through International Distance Education.

Strengthening Agricultural And Environmental Capacity Through Distance Education: Partnership between UF, Center for International Tropical Agriculture – CIAT; International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics – ICRISAT; University of Nairobi, Kenya; Makerere University, Uganda; and University of Florida, U.S. (USAID funded project).


NSF-funded research project “Development of a Geospatial Soil-Crop Inference Engine” in two smallholder villages in India (Kothapally and Masuti).

IFAS/UF – India Collaborative Activities, trip to Hyderabad, India (2006) Report-Summer-2006 visit India with photos final. 


The Andes represent the largest and highest mountain range in the tropics and is considered an important reserve of biodiversity, water provision and soil organic carbon. Climate and land use change in the Highlands of the Andes have impacted soil, food and human security. We studied this ecosystem and its transformation.