Business Services

Business services

Business services are a class of supporting activities that help businesses in the execution of their core mission. They include activities such as providing a service to another business, providing support services to customers and delivering consulting advice. Business services are a vital part of the economy and play a critical role in the success of companies in the technology, financial, insurance and communication industries.

A successful business service depends on four factors: the ability to identify the needs of a customer, create a relationship with the client, deliver value to the customer and maintain consistency in the delivery of the product or service. The service industry is a unique sector, as it is not dependent on the sale of physical products and can therefore be more flexible than other sectors.

The defining characteristics of a business service differ from those of a product-based company, as the product has no physical form and can therefore not be stored for future use. Business services also differ from goods because they are not directly purchased by end consumers, but rather by other businesses who then pass on the service to their customers.

Examples of business services include a delivery service that offers essential office supplies for companies, a real estate firm that helps clients locate workspaces, and childcare providers who offer in-office child care to allow employees to work remotely. Other services include a marketing agency that helps businesses develop and execute their marketing campaigns, engineering services that test electronic devices to ensure they meet standard specifications, and manufacturing services that make small runs of products.

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