Definitions of Law


Law is a system of rules that governments and citizens recognize as regulating the actions of people in a particular society or country. It covers a broad range of subjects, including criminal law, immigration law, nationality law, social security, family law and many more.

Definitions of Law

According to John Erskine, Law is the command of a sovereign, containing a common rule of life for his subjects and obliging them to obedience. It is a body of rules to be followed by everyone regardless of their stature.

Hans Kelsan’s law definition states that every norm is derived from a higher norm, known as a grundnorm.

In the natural school of thought, a court of justice decides the rules that govern a person’s behavior. These laws are called rules of law and they help to keep our society peaceful and orderly.

The other goal of laws is to give people the rights they need. These include the right to own property, such as land or movable objects.

Examples of this are real property, which consists of things attached to or in the land itself; and personal property, which includes movable items like computers and cars.

Other goals of laws include protecting the interests of the people, making sure that all government and public officials follow the rules and providing a way to solve disputes peacefully. These goals are often met through legal procedures, such as a court case or arbitration.

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