Home Improvement Mistakes That Decrease a Property’s Value

Home improvement

Home improvement is a popular pastime for many homeowners. Not only can remodeling projects improve a property’s curb appeal and functionality, but they also have the potential to increase a property’s value. However, some home improvements can actually decrease a property’s value, and these projects should be avoided if possible.

Some of the most common home improvement mistakes include adding a swimming pool, putting in a state-of-the-art kitchen or installing a bathroom that’s modeled after an airport bathroom. These upgrades are often expensive and may not pay off when it comes time to sell, according to the experts at Angi, the contractor search and house renovation website.

Instead of investing in a high-end backyard addition, focus on the front yard, which is what most prospective home buyers see first. A few well-placed plants and some simple landscaping will help you create a welcoming curb appeal.

Another smart home improvement is replacing dated light fixtures with energy efficient ones. Not only will this save you money on energy bills, but it may also allow you to claim a tax deduction.

Whenever possible, choose neutral colors for your home improvements. Bold hues aren’t a big selling point for most prospective home buyers, so sticking to neutral shades will make your property more appealing to a wider range of people. Other easy DIY home improvement projects include painting cabinets and updating the flooring. A gallon of paint only costs about $30, so repainting is an affordable way to revamp your property.

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