How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is what the public wants to read about. It has to be put before them briefly so that they will read it, clearly so that they will understand it, picturesquely so that they will remember it, and above all accurately so that they will be guided by it.

The aims of news journalism are to inform the public and to give them a voice in society. This can be done through the press in the form of newspapers, radio, television and online. Democracies depend on an informed citizenry. The press is often referred to as the oxygen of democracy. Without a free press, democracy cannot survive.

Some criteria for selecting news stories include impact (how many people will be affected), proximity (does the story involve people from the local community), controversy or conflict, and prominence (is a well-known person involved). Surprise is also a significant factor in many papers, particularly red-top newspapers. In general, the more sensational the story the more likely it will be to make front pages.

When writing a news story, keep in mind that the audience will be tired of hearing about things that happened a week ago. Focus on the latest news and events. If something big is happening, try to break the story first so that you can get a scoop. Having a strong lead is essential, and the best way to achieve this is to interview people who are involved. Also, try to include quotes from a variety of sources so that your article is more rounded and interesting.

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