Physical Activity Interventions for Girls’ Team Sport Participation

Team sport

Several studies have shown that team sport participation has a positive impact on mental health and life satisfaction. It has been linked to lower risk-taking behaviours, higher grades at school, and improved life prospects. However, the impact of interventions to promote team sport among girls is still uncertain.

To identify the impact of physical activity interventions on girls’ participation in team sport, a systematic review was carried out. The review aimed to assess the impact of physical activity interventions on secondary school-aged girls’ participation in team sports. The findings were used to develop recommendations for future physical activity interventions.

The review focused on four studies of physical activity interventions aiming to increase the participation of secondary school-aged girls in team sport. Eligible studies were identified through a systematic search of grey literature. The review extracted data from each study, including information on the participants, outcomes, and components of the intervention.

The results showed that physical activity interventions could increase sustained participation in team sport. They included early intervention, consultation with girls, and encouraging girls to try new sports.

The review also identified gaps in the research. Further research should focus on filling those gaps and evaluating rigorous interventions.

In the context of team sport, social skills such as leadership, dedication, and patience are critical. These skills enable young people to build healthy relationships and succeed in a variety of environments. The ability to work well with others is a skill that nearly all people need.

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