Salesforce for Financial Services

Financial services

Financial services refer to the finance industry which encompasses all sectors of business that manage money, including credit unions, banks, investment houses, lenders and insurance companies. A healthy financial services sector allows individuals to save for future goals, obtain loans for mortgages, cars or education, and safeguard their property and health through insurance. It also facilitates business growth and investment by enabling companies to get loans to expand.

With a backdrop of sharp market and regulatory challenges, the winning Financial Services organizations are those that can be more customer-oriented while sharpening their processes efficiency. They need to unlock creativity and talent while improving risk management processes, lower total ownership costs, reduce used business risks and meet new and changing compliance demands.

Managing this dynamic landscape calls for a strong and agile IT platform that can operate on a real-time basis while ensuring seamless reliability. Salesforce is a leading provider of solutions that support the complex needs of this industry. For example, Spar Nord utilised Salesforce Einstein to transform their service operations to provide a more personal and relevant experience for customers. It enabled them to digitalise slow manual processes and set up meetings with the right people in a shorter timeframe.

As with any other industry, it’s important to have a network of contacts in the Financial Services sector. Having connections who can endorse your work and skills is a great way to land an entry-level role that will help you move up the ladder.

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