Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels are the mainstays of the global travel and tourism industry. A wide range of products and services are offered by this massive market, including leisure and business travel, accommodation, food and beverage services and online travel agencies. The industry has seen significant growth over the past several years, driven by factors such as globalization, digitalization, sustainability and the coronavirus pandemic.

Choosing the right hotel for your travel needs depends on the type of trip you’re planning. For example, a traveler who’s looking for the best value should prioritize budget-friendly properties. Meanwhile, a corporate traveler might look for hotels with amenities that enhance productivity and help them get the most out of their stay.

While the majority of travelers are business professionals, some are also leisure seekers. This means that a hotel’s amenities can make or break their stay. For instance, a hotel with ample power outlets is important for business travelers who need to plug in their electronics and charge their phones.

In addition, some travelers are choosy about the size and style of their rooms. Those who are seeking a more luxurious experience should consider luxury hotels. A travel agency that specializes in event management can also be an excellent resource for corporate travelers. These specialists arrange meetings, fundraisers and trade shows. They can even plan weddings and sporting events. UNOH’s program in Travel & Hotel Management offers courses that can lead to a career in event planning.

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