Types of News


News is a report on an event. Generally, it is considered to be interesting and significant. However, the content of news may vary depending on the social conditions.

There are many kinds of news, including human interest stories, entertainment, local news, and celebrity stories. These news stories aim to appeal to emotions such as joy, sadness, and amusement.

Entertainment news can include witty headlines and humorous treatment of the story. A good entertainment story can be very engrossing and can involve animals, show business, and human interest.

Local news is a type of news that appeals to the people of a particular area. However, it is not always relevant to the readers of other areas. For instance, if a riot in a suburb is not interesting to the readers of other areas, then it may not make news.

Another type of news is hard news. Hard news can be written, video, or data. It can be either a series or an individual story.

The term “magnitude” can refer to a large number of people or an extreme behavior. Extreme crime is also a type of news.

Another type of news is exclusive. This kind of news is first offered to the news organization. Other factors involved in the selection of news are access, deadlines, and competition.

Objectivity is another important aspect of news. Reporters often claim that they will cover both sides of an issue without bias. However, news is still judged based on the reality of an event.

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