What is Fashion?


Fashion is the prevailing style, especially in clothing, hairstyles and makeup. This is a multi-billion dollar global industry with influence all over the world. Fashion is everywhere, it’s in the magazines, TV shows and movies, it’s in our everyday clothes and even our home interiors like cushions and bedsheets. The trends of fashion are ever changing and people try to imitate their favorite stars or celebrities. Stars don’t stay popular by doing the same thing over and over again, they have to find new angles and keep changing their style in order to be fresh.

The beginning of continual and accelerating change in the style of clothing can be fairly reliably dated to late medieval times. Until the Victorian Era it took between 10 and 15 years for a new style to reach country areas. The improvement in rail travel and the emancipation of women enabled the fast spread of fashions. Clothes rationing during both wars also helped to speed up the process.

It’s hard to define what exactly is fashionable; it could be something as simple as a ‘frock’ or it may be something more subtle, like the ‘look’ of your makeup or the way you carry yourself. It depends on your role-set and what society is doing at the time.

Fashion is influenced by everything around you, your friends, family and colleagues are all affected by the ‘look’ and will have some kind of say in what you wear. It’s also influenced by your social media accounts, what’s being promoted in your local newspaper or magazine, what other people are doing and saying and also the ‘look’ of your home interiors.

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