What Is News?


News is information about current events, usually provided through various media such as newspapers, radio and television. It includes reports of crime, riots, political events, war, sports results and other topics of interest.

It is not always easy to decide what is news, but if it is something new and interesting then it is likely to be news. This may be because it is a significant event or because it is about people, but it can also be because it is unusual or important in some way.

In general, news can be grouped into three categories: those that make the headlines; those that are related to the story but not essential; and those that are not significant at all. The most reliable news comes from a variety of sources, but each of these sources has its own biases.

The main point is that a news story must be unbiased and contain only facts that are true or are known by the reporter. All news articles must include attribution to the source where they obtained the information. This is done either through direct quotes or through paraphrasing.

Writers often start their news stories with the most basic facts, then add more detail as they develop the story. Using this model they can get their story out in a short amount of time, and readers will be able to get a sense of what happened from the very first paragraph.

Remember to keep your news story brief, as most people read the newspaper in less than an hour. Ensure that you have covered all the main points of your story and make sure you identify key individuals by their full names, occupations and age.

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