What is News?


News is a report about what has happened, is happening or may happen in the world. It is usually of public interest. News reports are based on facts, which are verified for their truthfulness and authenticity. They are usually written and published in order to educate, inform and inspire. They also help people in making decisions. They are also used as tools to propagate ideologies like communism, fundamentalism or nationalism.

Most news stories are about people. What they do, say or think affects other people and therefore makes for interesting reading. Events can also make news which are not about people, such as cyclones, bush fires, floods or volcanic eruptions. However, even these events must be significant to warrant being reported.

Famous people and their exploits also make good news. Their success or failure, the way they live their lives and what they look like are of interest to people. They are particularly newsworthy when they are involved in high profile trials or when they make or lose large sums of money.

The headline is the most important part of a news story because it must grab the reader’s attention and create curiosity or emotion. The headline should be short, snappy and clearly convey the main message of the article. It should follow the Associated Press style guidelines or those of the publication where it is to appear, unless specified otherwise. It is advisable to have your editor read the article before you submit it for publication. He will be able to trim down redundant sections, clarify confusing paragraphs and give it a more professional finish.

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