Writing About Fashion


Fashion is a prevailing mode of expression or dress in an era or culture. It can also refer to a specific style of hair, make-up or body language. In the past, clothes were a mark of social class. For example, only Roman senators could wear garments dyed with Tyrian purple, and high-ranking Hawaiians wore cloaks of feathers or carved whale teeth.

In the modern world, fashion is ubiquitous; it is reflected in print and electronic media, TV and the Internet, movies and music, and even in advertising hoardings. Fashion also varies from place to place, and is influenced by society as well as influencing society.

Some people consider that the rapid changes in fashion are detrimental to the environment, while others appreciate the variety and change in styles. In either case, some believe that following a particular fashion is a form of a cult and is incompatible with independent thinking.

Whether you are interested in writing about a specific clothing brand or a general fashion topic, the key to a successful article is to provide original insights that your readers haven’t seen before. This means doing research and verifying facts, quotes, and statistics. Impeccable grammar is also essential, especially when writing about a subject that is heavily judged on its aesthetics. A great way to get started is by creating a clear outline of what you want your article to say. This will help you stay focused and avoid going off on tangents.

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